4 Head-Turner Pool Floats of Summer 2018

If you get long weekend, you don’t need any more reasons to go on vacation. Plus in this summer, swimming pools are calling you. Then, the best answer is to plan and spend your days in the refreshing pool. Moreover, you can also set up a pool party.

In fact, your pooltimes won’t be perfect without bringing pool floats. To make a splash in a indulgently awesome way, you must choose the epic one. These pool floats are seriously worthy of your Instagram selfies.

Seashell Pool Float


This water toy looks really amazing with your white swimsuit. By lounging on seashell pool float, you are gonna be mermaid and goddess at the same time. We guarantee your friends will be jealous of you. Not enough? Grab the refreshing drinks like orange juice or fruity cocktail.

Cupcake Pool Float

Sweet treat is always great for any season, especially in summer. This giant pool accessory totally resembles real mouth-watering cupcake. It comes in the colors of blue, white and red. When you wanna arrange a memorable party, just bake tempting cupcakes and opt for cupcake pool float.

Ice Pop Pool Float


On an extremely hot day, you shall dip yourself in the water with popsicle pool float. It is such coolest way to cool down. Your summer fantasies come true if you eat an ice cream. Its mega size can seat up to 2 adults. Furthermore, this pool item improves your mood instantly.

Parrot Pool Float

This oversized bird-shaped pool float is visually appealing. Since it has bright colors, your pool selfies will be so impressive as well. Take yourself away to true tropical paradise by lounging on it. In short, it surely must be added to your summer collection.

Do you travel to Bali on this vacation? Then, we highly recommend you to rent cute pool floats at Ruby Floaties. There is a wide choice of floaties at reasonable prices. Luckily, you will get free-delivery and pick-up from Ruby Floaties. How good it is!

Check the floaties collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To place your order, please contact us at 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS and telephone. Have a splendid summer, everyone!

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