4 Helpful Tips to Clean Your Precious Snakeskin Handbag


When it comes to the handbag shopping, most of the women cannot resist the temptation to buy this exotic stuff. Their main reason is snakeskin handbag has exquisitely rich patterns and smooth texture. As statement-making piece, it requires the extra care. Let’s learn how to maintain its durability below.

Use Lint Roller

Before getting rid of the dirts, make sure your snakeskin handbag is empty. Do not forget to open all the zippers. Capture the crumbs with the lint roller. You might substitute it for soft fabric brush. Do it regularly and you will get amazed with its clean look.

Apply Leather Conditioner

Probably, your handbag is starting to lift. We have super easy solution for you. First of all, make DIY special conditioner by mixing linseed oil and distilled white vinegar. Bear in mind, the comparison is 2:1. Dip cloth in the conditioner and rub it onto snakeskin handbag’s surface gently.

Buy Stain Remover

Sometimes, you might do a mistake which leads to stained snakeskin handbag. If it is caused by wine, oil or food, just sprinkle cornstarch on affected areas. Baking soda and talcum powder work as well. For further treatment, you should apply a paste made from lemon juice and cream of tartar. After that, just wipe it off.

Store In The Ideal Environment

Never place your snakeskin handbag in a plastic bag. This bag ruins your lovely handbag of course as it traps the moisture. The best storages are cotton bag and pillowcase. They definitely allow your handbag to breathe. As the result, it will remain supple and enchanting.

So, those are our tips to prevent your luxurious handbag from looking uninteresting. If you are a fan of snakeskin handbag, grab it soon at DEFV TANNERY. There is a huge choice of authentic snakeskin handbags and purses for you at affordable prices.

Get the snakeskin handbag from DEFV TANNERY when you are in Bali. However, DEFV TANNERY sends the handbag to you by courier service as well. Contact us at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone to place your order. Have fantastic day, ladies!

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