4 Incredibly Adorable Floaties for Your Kids

The summer is coming. It represents a lovely warm weather, outdoor grilling and pool party. Not only that, you can take vacation with your family and friends in this superb season.

If you have got kids, you must think about arranging fun and exciting activities for them. And floating around on giant floatie would be an exhilarating experience. These 4 floaties are much more enchanting than pool noodles.

Pineapple Pool Float


Do your children love eating juice pineapple? If so, this mega pineapple pool item wins their hearts for sure. You might give it as birthday gift. Furthermore, it is gonna be nice addition to the beach and swimming pool. Uniquely, pineapple floatie works as their imajinary island too.

Unicorn Pool Float


What is you relaxing summer goal? Make sure you choose an oversized rainbow unicorn pool accessory, so you kiddos can lie on it. It has such attention-grabbing wings. When you throw a pool party, it will be the focal point. In addition, it is amazing for games.

Flamingo Pool Float


It is not only great for relaxation, but also performs as cute companion to any summer sanctuary. Since flamingo-shaped floatie comes in bright pink, your daughters will never get out of water quickly. They surely enjoy lazing away on it while drinking strawberry slurpees.

Watermelon Pool Float


As the universal symbol of summer, watermelon inflatable pool stuff is a must. Of course, the summer sizzle turns it into a grand debut. If your kid like playing in the sun, it is certainly the best floatie for them. Moreover, it can be used as ship or floating playground.

Do you plan an unforgettable family vacation? Come to Bali and feel endless happiness by floating around on pool floats. You can rent magnificent floaties at Ruby Floaties, a trusted floatie rental provider.

There is a huge choice of floaties at affordable price. Luckily, you will also get free delivery and pick-up. Check the collection of floaties out on Instagram account of @rubyfloaties. To order please contact Ruby Floaties at number 08123966865 through telephone, SMS or Whatsapp. Have a divine summertime!

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