4 Photogenic Floaties for Your Perfect Weekend Getaway

There is nothing more wonderful than chilling on a floatie. It is such a mandatory thing. Luckily, the inflatable flotation devices come in a huge variety. You can always find the one that fits your character. Without further ado, here are trendy floaties to jazz up your day.

Rainbow Pool Float


Looking for something Instagram-worthy? Rainbow-themed raft is the way to go. This perky floating stuff is gonna ditch the boredoms in no time. Do not forget to take some shots when you lie on it. Moreover, it works as the volleyball net. So, you can up the pool game at any time.

Waffle Pool Float

What’s your favorite breakfast food? If you like waffle, you certainly will love to float around on this delicious-looking pool item. The design is like an actual waffle. That means there are maple syrup and butter. Choosing this floatie results in much “butter” life for sure.

Donut Pool Float


For you who have sweet tooth, you must instantly fall in love with it. The donut floatie is available in chocolate, lilac and pink frostings. Plus, you can spot the colorful sprinkles on the frosting. Not only is it uber cute, but also doubles as a tanning lounger.

Clam Shell Pool Float


Calling all the aspiring mermaids! This deluxe pool accessory is worth your attention. It is big enough to hold up to 2 adults. Then, you can go for light blue, pearly white or pink. We find it very unique as it comes with a pearl. Once you relax on it, you won’t get out of the pool.

If you plan to travel to Bali, you can rent the cute and Instagrammable floaties at Ruby Floaties. From basic to the fancy floaties, we guarantee there is something great for every vacationer. Ruby Floaties also offers free delivery and pick-up. Sounds good, right?

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