4 Uber Cute Floaties To Make Your Kids Happy

Summer is the best season for people of all ages. If you have kids, we suggest you to plan a vacation. Definitely, you need to put awesomely fun activities on your bucket lists to please whole family.

You can channel the inner child of your family members and kids with eye-catching floaties. In fact, not all inflatable pool toys are enchanting. So, we have curated magnificent kid floaties below.

Rainbow Pool Float


We believe that kids generally love seeing the stunning rainbow. This rainbow cloud pool accessory obviously will melt your kid’s heart. It performs as the daybed and imaginary island. Then, your little one might like listening to catchy songs such as Colors of The Rainbow and Rainbow, Rainbow.

Mickey Mouse Pool Float

Do your kids adore Mickey Mouse? If so, it is nice to let them lounge on a Mickey Mouse floatie. It seriously resemble the funny character of Disney. Its colorful design certainly steals the spotlight in the swimming pool. Once you show it to your kids, they always wanna join you in the water.

Llama Pool Float

This ginormous llama pool stuff is gonna brighten up your kid’s day with its magical touch. That’s why it is truly a must-have this summer. Furthermore, it can seat up to 2 preschoolers. As a summer creature, it also offers your lovely kid a summer state of mind throughout the entire year.

Swan Pool Float


Currently, gigantic swan pool toy is taking the pool scene. That means it becomes the hottest trend. So, it seems brilliant if you opt for swan floatie. It does not only increase the excitement and enjoyment, but also allows your kiddo have so much fun. Your kid will fly the way through swimming pool too.

Hopefully after reading our top picks, you are not overwhelmed anymore. For you who go on family vacation in Bali, you can rent the floaties for adults and kids at Ruby Floaties. There is a broad variety of floaties you can choose from. Plus, you get free delivery and pick up.

Check the floatie collection out on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To order the floaties, please contact us at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Have a blast!

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