5 Tips to Take Impressive Shots with Pool Floats


As Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris rode a swan raft in summer 2015, everyone can’t get enough of the Instagrammable pictures. If you feel the same, you definitely need adorable floaties to spice up your day. To get the most iconic photo shoot, we have gathered up these tips for you.

“Kissing Your Pool Float” Look

When you have so much love for the floatie, why don’t you express it? Just give it your best smooch. Plus, you will be able to show off your new swimwear. You can do it in the pool, in the sand or by the beach. The picture must be awesome, flirty and cute.

“Drink is Always By My Side” Photo

Throwing a pool party? Do not forget to take the best snap of an inflatable drink holder. After ordering the cold coffee or juice, put it in the tube at poolside. We bet that nothing beats the fabulousness of this tiny floatie.

“Together is Merrier” Picture

When you and your friends are going on vacation, y’all should have at least one photo to prove a strong friendship. Of course, you have to bring an oversized swan or flamingo floatie to the pool. It is spacious enough to seat up to 4 adults. Do not forget to capture the candid moments.

“Just Focus on The Floatie” Snap

If you are a little bit shy, it is the most recommended one. Although it is unconventional, the result will amaze your followers. Then, you need to hold the pool float up. Another pose is walking along it while you are in the pool.

“Floating Around on The Pool Toys” Capture

Thinking about spending the day with your bestie? Prepare giant floaties for you and her. Put the sunnies on. Your hands hold your friend’s hands. And take the pictures as many as you want.

To make your day well-spent, you can unwind your restless mind by vacationing in Bali. Of course, it is gonna be more terrific with the presence of floaties. Rent picture-perfect floaties at Ruby Floaties.

There is a wide selection of pool floats to choose from such as flamingo, duck, swan, pineapple, clam shell, seahorse, drink holder, peacock, pony unicorn, pizza, rainbow, pegasus and many more.

Furthermore, the rental prices are truly cheap. You also get free delivery and pick-up. Check out the floatie collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To rent your dream pool float, contact us at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Are you ready to share your floatie snap?

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