How to Maintain Your Snake Skin Handbag Properly


Handbag is a crucial thing in modern life of women. They generally carry this stuff for working and social gathering. Specifically, women tend to select snake skin handbag because of its classy look and delicate pattern. If you have been marveled by snake skin handbag, we gather the informations about taking care of it.


In fact, snake skin handbag is glamorous yet dependable. When it gets dusty, you can clean it using white cloth. Dab your cloth in the lukewarm water. Do not use any household products! Then, pat snake skin scales down. You have to follow its natural directions.


Normally, snake skin handbag can lift in its own way. However, it shouldn’t be associated with dryness and flaking. To keep it fresh, you must condition it with leather protection cream. Apply it on the exterior of your snake skin handbag at least once every 3 months. Regular moisturizing mostly will restore an exotic bag.

Extra Protectioning

Snake skin products are not just prone to the heat, but also the bad weather. If it is exposed to high moisture, it possibly cannot be refurbished. Before stepping out the door, we suggest you to use leather waterproofing spray. But it is way better not to wear your handbag in snowy and rainy day.


Sometimes, your habit after wearing snake skin handbag determines whether it still looks stylish or not. To make its shape fabulous, do not forget to stuff it with your old clean cloth. Bear in mind, you are not overstuffing it.

Removing Ink Marks

Once you see unwanted marks of your snake skin handbag, give the best treat straight away. There are 2 options, use ink removing product or go to the leather surgeon. We strongly recommend you to bring it to the leather surgeon though.

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