These 3 Floaties Bring More Fun To Your Weekend

Are you social media user? You certainly know that pool floaties are all the rage. Even your favorite celebrities can’t handle the chicness of water floaties. If you feel the same way, it is time to give the most awesome pool toy a try.

Since the floaties come in lots of size and shape, you maybe get overwhelmed. Do not worry! We love to help you find the good pool item. Here are cool floaties that will cheer up your day.

Floating Beverage Bar


Perhaps, you think you can’t enjoy your meals and drinks in the pool. It is totally wrong. With the floating beverage bar, you are able to sip your favorite juice or mocktail whenever you want. It also maintains the freshness of your foods. Furthermore, it is available in stylishly white color.

Triangle Floating Drink Holder

Nothing sounds better than floating around on a comfortable pool float. But, it is incomplete without the presence of drink holder. We promise you won’t get out of the pool quickly because you can grab your canned beverages any time. It works as hot tub accessory and pool party decoration too. Drinks up!

Volleyball Net Floatie


Splashing around in your pool is absolutely exciting. In fact, you can go further by throwing a sport championship like volleyball. Be sure you have prepared the floating volleyball net. It is gonna turn the game on for sure. You and your friends are the players. It must be extremely entertaining.

When you spend your weekend in Bali, you can rent those trendy floaties at Ruby Floaties. There are many floaties that possess a sense of aesthetics and functionality at the same time. Plus, Ruby Floaties offers you free delivery and pick-up. It is nice, isn’t?

You can check the floaties out on Instagram account of @rubyfloaties. After that, contact Ruby Floaties’s number at 08123966865 through telephone, SMS or Whatsapp. Have a joyous summer weekend, everyone!

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