4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Snakeskin Handbag Stunning


The desire of shopping snakeskin handbag is hard to resist for sure. Because this stuff is absolutely beautiful and glamorous. However, it requires regular care regime. If you want to make its look remarkably captivating, we have gathered up special tips here.

First Step

When you bring your snakeskin handbag home after buying it at the store or artisan, apply the waterproofing spray shortly. It helps protect your snakeskin handbag’s surface from the rain and snow. So, they won’t cause any damage to your swanky accessory.

Second Step

To clean your handbag, you should dip the white cloth in slightly warm and damp water. Then, wipe the snakeskin handbag gently with the cloth. It will remove unwanted dirts, debris and dusts in its scales. Be sure your snakeskin handbag does not get dripping wet. Let it dry naturally.

Third Step

Another crucial treatment is conditioning. It keeps snakeskin from becoming dry. Plus, it won’t become brittle. You can find the conditioner at the cobbler or local store. Do the patch test first. If there is no bad effect, rub it onto your snakeskin handbag carefully.

Fourth Step

Once you have done the previous steps, it is time to think about the storage. Put yours into the clean cardboard or dust bag. Direct sunlight is really harmful for your snakeskin handbag. That’s why you must store it in a cool and dry place. We promise your handbag will last for years.

Hopefully, you find those steps helpful. In case, you do not have snakeskin handbag yet, you can buy it at DEFV TANNERY. There is a huge selection of pristine and divine snakeskin handbags at reasonable prices.

As the trusted snakeskin handbag artisan in Bali, DEFV TANNERY surely gives you maximum satisfaction with high-quality products. Check the collection out on Instagram of @defvtannery. And contact us at number 08123966865 through SMS, telephone or Whatsapp. Happy shopping, pretty ladies!

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