5 Alluring Snakeskin Products You Need To Know


Snakeskin is not only rare material, but also exotic and luxurious. Plus, the beauty of snakeskin is extremely hard to replicate. And it has magnificent durability as long as you give it special care. If you love this animal skin, you are in the right place. Here are must-have items made from snake skin.


Looking for something classy yet comfy? Square-toed loafers are the best answer. You might think they sounds too formal, but hey you are wrong. That’s why you can wear them while walking on the street or hanging out. The touch of animal patterns make them look more fabulous too.

Suit Jacket

In case, your lovely man needs contemporary and enchanting menswear, go for python suit jacket. The wild prints obviously will catch the eye. Do not hesitate to choose brown or silver suit jacket for a glamorous style.


Who doesn’t love snakeskin motifs? And when you spot snakeskin boots, we guarantee you can hardly say no to them. They are seriously amazing and cool. Not to mention, it dramatically transforms your look from ordinary to extraordinary.


Snakeskin is timelessly beautiful. In the current times, you can find the snake-patterned pant. Perhaps, it is known as the most-expensive fashion item. We recommend you to opt for lightweight pant for an easier mobility.


If you join in the hottest python trend, you surely understand that snakeskin handbag truly fascinates a lot of women. Because this fashion staple is ultra-comfortable and visually extravagant. Furthermore, it can be worn on both formal and casual occassions. What else could you want?

Do you plan to shop snakeskin handbag? Grab it fast at DEFV TANNERY, a snakeskin handbag artisan based in Bali. DEFV TANNERY offers a wide choice of real and good-quality snakeskin handbags for you. We promise it won’t break the bank. Moreover, DEFV TANNERY ships all over Indonesia.

Check out the pictures of snakeskin handbags on Instagram of @defvtannery. Then, contact our number at 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. So, what are you waiting for, ladies? Let’s shop the most gorgeous snakeskin item!

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