4 Fun and Family-Friendly Activities in Bali


As the world’s top destination, Bali offers a lot of things to any traveler. For you who travel to this tropical island with your family, no worries. There are incredibly exciting activities that will please parents and children at the same time. Let’s take a gander at our list below.

Strike and Bounce

Want to have fun with your kids? When you are in Canggu, try trampoline and bowling. There are located in the air-conditioned building. So, your adorable ones won’t get sweaty despite of the hot weather outside. Best of all, they can see the fabulous rice field’s view.

Bike Tour 

If you and your family are active people, cycling around Bali is indeed a good idea. The two popular tracks are Ubud area and Mount Batur’s downhill. By joining a bike tour, you and your loved ones can pass through panoramic rice field, temples, hills and traditional villages.


In case your family just stay in Bali for a few days, we recommend you to do water sports. And Tanjung Benoa is probably the best paragliding spot. The activity allows you to enjoy the shoreline from the sky. An instructor will accompany you during your 20-minute flight.

Wet Day Out at Waterbom Bali

This water park provides your family endless excitement and enjoyment. It employs a huge array of attractions such as flow rider, soothing lazy river, and adrenaline-rush water slides. Not to mention, you can find the spa, hair braiding station, nail treatment, reflexology and food courts.

Plan a family trip to Bali? You can book the paragliding package and Waterbom Bali tickets at Kombi Box Bali Tour. As a trusted tour operator, we will give your family the maximum satisfaction.

For further information, please kindly contact us at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Come to Bali and experience a memorable vacation!

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