4 Things You and Your Spouse Must Do in Bali


Every couple surely needs quality time. If you want to make your life partner feel delighted and loved, you should arrange a romantic island getaway. Whether you celebrate an anniversary or go for a honeymoon, Bali won’t fail to impress you two. Here, we have listed 4 hilarious things for any couple. Check these out!

Walk Around Campuhan Hill

Love nature? It is the right time to explore Bali’s beauty. By wandering around the ridge walk of Campuhan, you two can see the scenic tropical jungle view. Since the route is not busy, it will serve as a relaxing retreat. Be sure you wake up at the dawn, so you and your soulmate are able to breathe the fresh air.

Spend Time Together at Tegal Wangi Beach

This beach is dubbed as ocean jacuzzi. Because people can try hot bathtub when there is a low tide. You and your beloved person will get pampered by its breathtaking natural scenes. As the hidden gem, it is not too touristy. That means its ambience calms the mind.

Have An Afternoon Tea Date

Both of you are sweet tooth. So why not go to Metis Bali? This place offers yummy treats for you and your spouse. To get sugar rush, choose Alamanda package. The Melati package is a combination of savory and sweet delicacies. Additionally, the Metis garden’s scenery is such a remedy for your restless mind.

Make A Big Splash at Waterbom Bali

This water wonderland calls thrill-seekers. So, if you and your partner are two of them, do not forget to have unlimited fun there. As the tourist destination, it won’t cease to entice all vacationers. The attractions are heart-pumping and exciting at the same time. You and your other half must try Twin Racers as well.

Want an unforgettable romantic escape? Put Waterbom Bali on your itinerary. You can also book the tickets of Waterbom Bali at Kombi Box Bali Tour. We provide tour service in Bali and Java with reasonable price.

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