4 Uber-Cute Floaties That Make Your Kids Comfortable

Adults love hitting the water on an extremely hot day, so do the children. Whether you go to the pool with toddler or teenage kids, be sure you bring the water floaties. They do not only keep your adorable ones safe, but also throw the boredom away. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our picks below.

Sea Whale Floatie


Your Instagram scenes are definitely flooded with sea-themed floaties. And of course, you can resist the loveliness of sea whale pool float. When your son rides on it, do not forget to snap some pool pictures. Plus, match his swimming outfit with it too.

Golden Swan Floatie


Kids want to float in style as well. So, why not choose golden-colored swan floatie? This recreational flotation device looks really majestic. It allows your little ones to experience a fun vacation. Since the size is large enough, it holds up to two children.

Baby Seahorse Ring Floatie


Babies are water lovers too. That’s the reason you should give them a perfect floatie. And seahorse ring pool stuff is a must. This floatie comes in vibrant yellow and blue shades. It surely will grab their attention in no time. We guarantee your family pool time couldn’t be more exciting.

Crocodile Floatie


If you introduce your kids to the water for the very first time, floatie is such a crucial item. You won’t go far wrong with the friendly crocodile pool float for certain. Due to its ginormous size, it is great to ride-on. As it features a sturdy hand grip, they will have a big splash in the pool safely.

So, those are some of our floaties. When you go on Bali vacation with your family, you can rent stunning and adorable pool floats at Ruby Floaties. We have a huge selection of floaties to choose from. Not to mention, we offer cheap rental prices, free delivery and pick-up.

Check out the floatie collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To place your order, please contact us at number 08123966865 through telephone, Whatsapp or SMS. Fill your family vacation with endless cheerfulness!

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