Tips to Match Your Shoes with Snakeskin Handbag


You might be interested in coordinating the color of your fashion items. Because for decades, women tend to wear shoes and handbag in a matching color. They also love to invest in snakeskin handbag. Before buying it, you should have a read at our tips below.

Neutral-colored Snakeskin Handbag

Neutral colors are not always matched to each other. You must know that they have cool and warm tones. Pairing your warm-toned neutral snakeskin handbag with cool-toned shoes is seriously not recommended.

For instance, never wear grey shoes and brown snakeskin handbag. Your grey shoes absolutely will look nicer when you carry beige or taupe handbag at the same time. It is just because those colors share the same undertones.

In case your snakeskin handbag is black, go for black shoes. But if you want to create a gorgeous contrast, do not hesitate to wear red shoes. The other vibrant colors are wonderful as well.

Golden Snakeskin Handbag

Like a metallic snakeskin handbag? Golden colored one is the best thing to pick. It undeniably offers highly classy look. However, the shade is quite tricky to work with.

Take your handbag’s links and logo into consideration. Whether it is completely golden or decorated with gold accent, you never go wrong with shoes that have yellowish metal ornaments.

We hope you find an inspiration for your daily outfit. For you who want to shop a real snakeskin handbag, grab it fast at DEFV TANNERY, an artisan based in Bali. There is a wide variety of exotic handbags at reasonable prices.

To see our handbag collection, go follow and check out the Instagram account of @defvtannery. After that, contact us at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. So what are you waiting for, ladies? Let’s shop stylish and swanky leather handbag soon!

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