4 Rekreasi Wisata Air Favorit di Bali


Berlibur di Pulau Dewata menjadi keharusan terutama saat musim liburan panjang. Tempat ini merupakan “surga” bagi semua orang termasuk para pecinta olahraga air. Pastikan kamu mencoba beberapa olahraga air berikut ini. Kami jamin adrenalinmu akan benar-benar diuji.

Sea Walking

Kegiatan ini mungkin agak asing di telingamu. Sea walking pada dasarnya merupakan rekreasi air yang mengizinkanmu menikmati keindahan alam bawah laut yang begitu menakjubkan. Saat berjalan di dasar laut, kamu akan mengenakan helm dan sepatu khusus. Di samping itu, agen tur juga menyediakan tank oksigen.

Scuba Diving

Bali adalah salah satu destinasi diving di Indonesia yang diakui dunia. Atas dasar itu, kamu wajib mencoba scuba diving ketika berlibur di sana. Nantinya, kamu akan merasakan sensasi menyelam hingga ke dasar laut. Jika kamu tertarik dengan scuba diving, kamu bisa mendatangi spot-spot seperti Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Lembongan, Sanur dan Amed.

Arung Jeram

Ingin menyalurkan jiwa petualangmu? Kamu bisa bermain air arung jeram. Selain mengarungi aliran sungai, kamu juga dapat melihat fauna dan flora Bali yang eksotis dari dekat. Setidaknya ada 2 rekomendasi tempat untuk arung jeram yaitu sungai Telaga Waja dan Ayung.


Buat kamu yang mau memacu adrenalin, kamu wajib mencoba paralayar di Tanjung Benoa. Menariknya, permainan wisata air yang satu ini menyajikan pengalaman terbang di ketinggian 100 meter. Saat bermain paralayar, kamu juga dapat memandang alam di wilayah sekitar yang sungguh mempesona.

Apabila kamu yang ingin menguji nyali di Pulau Bali, tidak perlu ragu untuk memasukkan paralayar dalam agenda liburanmu. Agar persiapan liburanmu semakin mudah, kamu bisa mencoba paket paralayar dengan harga terjangkau dari Kombi Box Bali Tour.

Ayo, tunggu apalagi? Segera hubungi kami di nomor 08123966865 melalui Whatsapp, SMS dan telepon. Kami jamin kamu akan merasakan bermain paralayar yang menyenangkan sekaligus mendebarkan.

4 Floaties That Will Make Your Summer Scene Stunning

One of the best things to do on vacation is making a splash at your poolside. That’s why you must bring along an inflatable pool toy. Since the floaties come in various shapes and designs, it is really hard to choose the right one. Do not worry! These unusual and lovely floaties will wow your followers on Instagram.

Seahorse Pool Float


If you need something cute and whimsical, just opt for a seahorse floatie. It is really elegant stuff as well. You will have hours of summer fun by lounging on it. Thanks to its long body design, so you can relax on it comfortably. Be fascinated as your skin will beautifully get tanned too.

Duck Pool Float


Obsessed with rubber duck when you were kid? Now, you shall try to enjoy the cool water on an oversized duck floatie. It has vibrantly yellow color that is ready to grab the attention. Probably, it is able to quack up your best friends. We promise soaking up the sun couldn’t be better.

Cheeseburger Pool Float

Nothing beats the freshly grilled homemade cheeseburger. This super delicious food is everyone’s favorite especially in the summertime. If you like it, do not hesitate to go for cheeseburger-inspired floatie. You can munch on the burger while floating around on it.

Pegasus Pool Float


In case, you aren’t into unicorn floatie, it will be such great option. Just imagine you are flying, not floating on it. The golden tail, mane and wings are the showstoppers. This pool toy also won’t ruin your sunglasses. We guarantee this incredibly majestic floatie will give you tons on happiness.

Planning a trip to Bali? You can grab them at Ruby Floaties. They are awesome for your poolside gathering. Ruby Floaties offers a wide variety of floaties to choose from. You get cheap rental price, free delivery and pick-up. Don’t they sound good?

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4 Pool Floats That Will Leave You in Awe

Whether you are a lazy tanner or sunbather, an inflatable pool toy is all you need. It is not only great for summertime lounging, but also an essential item for beach vacation and pool party. Since the floaties are truly ubiquitous, you surely have no idea on what to buy. So, let’s check these top picks out.

Watermelon Pool Float


Who can say no to the juicy and succulent fruit? If you love making watermelon slushie, this floatie is the perfect choice. It comes in the circular shape. The vibrant red and green colors absolutely entice you. Not to mention, it is large enough to seat up to two adults.

Toucan Pool Float


We bet your Instagram feeds are littered with the animal-inspired floaties. That’s why you should opt for the inflatable toucan. You can take a flirty selfie or leggy shot on a giant black bird-shaped flotation device. It will make your friends feel so envious for sure.

Lime Pool Float

When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade. It applies to the lime as well. If the boredoms and sadnesses kick in, just float around on this light green pool stuff. Its design seriously resembles the actual lime. Bring your vacation to the new level by sipping the lime juice while catching the sunrays.

Golden Swan Pool Float


You don’t need to be rich for having the golden swan. Want a proof? You will instantly feel so wealthy when you relax on this floatie. It is also the favorite of world celebs. In addition, it gives you the classy touch like nothing else. Thanks to it, your vacation pictures are really Instagram-worthy.

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Best Floaties To Get The Optimal Relaxation

Thinking about going on vacation? Well, you can spend your precious times by staying at the hotel, dipping yourself in the backyard pool or throwing a beach party. And do not leave a pool float behind. To make your vacation more enjoyable, we have gathered up these playful floaties.

Pineapple Pool Float


This yellow and green-colored flotation device is a must-have. We guarantee you love lazing on it due to its gigantic size. Whenever you soak up the sun on this stuff, you always feel the tropical vibes. Plus, it keeps you and your drink from getting wet.

Flamingo Pool Float


Some people might say the flamingo floatie’s popularity is over. No, it is not. In fact, flamingo-shaped inflatable pool toy won’t dissapoint you. Its hot pink color does not only look so fabulous, but also makes your vacation snaps Instagrammable.

Unicorn Pool Float


Do you like kicking back on rainbow thing? Give the unicorn floatie a try. It exhibits the magical and fun atmosphere at the same time. Its cute horn is too great to pass up as well. Even it holds up to 3 small kids. Who wants to join right in it?

Donut Pool Float


Craving for strawberry glazed donut? This delicious-looking floatie is the answer. Mmm as yummy as it sounds, the donut pool float can also be used for paddling around the pool. There are colorful sprinkles on this festive item. It also turns sweet treat lover’s dreams into reality. What else could you want?

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4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Snakeskin Handbag Stunning


The desire of shopping snakeskin handbag is hard to resist for sure. Because this stuff is absolutely beautiful and glamorous. However, it requires regular care regime. If you want to make its look remarkably captivating, we have gathered up special tips here.

First Step

When you bring your snakeskin handbag home after buying it at the store or artisan, apply the waterproofing spray shortly. It helps protect your snakeskin handbag’s surface from the rain and snow. So, they won’t cause any damage to your swanky accessory.

Second Step

To clean your handbag, you should dip the white cloth in slightly warm and damp water. Then, wipe the snakeskin handbag gently with the cloth. It will remove unwanted dirts, debris and dusts in its scales. Be sure your snakeskin handbag does not get dripping wet. Let it dry naturally.

Third Step

Another crucial treatment is conditioning. It keeps snakeskin from becoming dry. Plus, it won’t become brittle. You can find the conditioner at the cobbler or local store. Do the patch test first. If there is no bad effect, rub it onto your snakeskin handbag carefully.

Fourth Step

Once you have done the previous steps, it is time to think about the storage. Put yours into the clean cardboard or dust bag. Direct sunlight is really harmful for your snakeskin handbag. That’s why you must store it in a cool and dry place. We promise your handbag will last for years.

Hopefully, you find those steps helpful. In case, you do not have snakeskin handbag yet, you can buy it at DEFV TANNERY. There is a huge selection of pristine and divine snakeskin handbags at reasonable prices.

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5 Alluring Snakeskin Products You Need To Know


Snakeskin is not only rare material, but also exotic and luxurious. Plus, the beauty of snakeskin is extremely hard to replicate. And it has magnificent durability as long as you give it special care. If you love this animal skin, you are in the right place. Here are must-have items made from snake skin.


Looking for something classy yet comfy? Square-toed loafers are the best answer. You might think they sounds too formal, but hey you are wrong. That’s why you can wear them while walking on the street or hanging out. The touch of animal patterns make them look more fabulous too.

Suit Jacket

In case, your lovely man needs contemporary and enchanting menswear, go for python suit jacket. The wild prints obviously will catch the eye. Do not hesitate to choose brown or silver suit jacket for a glamorous style.


Who doesn’t love snakeskin motifs? And when you spot snakeskin boots, we guarantee you can hardly say no to them. They are seriously amazing and cool. Not to mention, it dramatically transforms your look from ordinary to extraordinary.


Snakeskin is timelessly beautiful. In the current times, you can find the snake-patterned pant. Perhaps, it is known as the most-expensive fashion item. We recommend you to opt for lightweight pant for an easier mobility.


If you join in the hottest python trend, you surely understand that snakeskin handbag truly fascinates a lot of women. Because this fashion staple is ultra-comfortable and visually extravagant. Furthermore, it can be worn on both formal and casual occassions. What else could you want?

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4 Fun-Filled Activities to Do with Your Family in Bali


Some people might think that Bali is just destination for party goers and honeymooners. In fact, this island of gods always welcomes every traveler. That’s the reason you can enjoy your vacation with your beloved kids. Before making an itinerary, let’s read our top picks first.

Snap Shots at Upside Down World

We believe you know what your little ones will do at this spot. Yeah, they get lost into wonderland. Just imagine they walk on the upside down ceiling. The gravity law seemingly does not work here. Not only that, the tablets, toilets and beds look so surreal.

Take the Bike Tour

If you and your kids want to see the Bali’s beauty closer, nothing is better than going on a bike adventure. It is wonderful thing for people of all ages. The breathtaking rice paddies will pamper their eyes. Moreover, you can interact with Balineses in their aesthetically serene villages.

Go for Spa Date

Bali is the home of spas. That means you can easily find out luxurious and affordable spas at the same time. One of the most popular spa is Febri’s Spa which offers special packages for small kids. We promise your kids will be truly spoilt with the treatments.

Have Hours of Fun at Waterbom Bali

Since Bali has tropical climate, you might need to escape from its hot weather in the noon. No worries. Waterbom Bali is the perfect place to go. As the best water wonderland in Asia, it gives your whole clan a lot of enjoyment. Plus, there are fish spa, reflexology, hair braiding station and food courts.

Make your family vacation memorable by spending a day at Waterbom Bali. You can get the tickets from Kombi Box Bali Tour and enjoy the best offer. Contact us at 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. So, let’s get wet at the most spectacular water park in Bali!

4 Fantastic Water Sports You Must Do in Bali

Bali is a tiny paradise for all. It means this destinastion also pleases the thirst of adrenaline junkies for action. If you spend a few days or a  couple of weeks in Bali, do not forget to try these cool water-based activities. We promise they make your vacation completely exciting like never before.

Sea Walking

It might sound unfamiliar. But we truly recommend it to you. It is actually a unique tour that let you explore the underwater beauty. Do not worry. You will wear special helmet and reef shoes. Additionally, the operator provides oxygen tank. And enjoy interacting with schools of fish.

Scuba Diving

Bali has the world-class dive site. So, scuba diving is must-do activity for sure. You will get a chance to get closer with mesmerizing sea creatures. Furthermore, you can spot shipwrecks and drop-off walls. Looking for long-established dive centres? Just head out to Nusa Lembongan, Sanur or Amed.


If you want to bring out your inner adventurer, give rafting in Bali a shot. Be ready as it is super thrilling. You do not only cruise along the river streams, but also see Bali’s exotic flora and fauna. Go to Telaga Waja and Ayung River as they are well-known raft spots.


Need an unforgettable experience in Bali? Parasailing is the best answer. Try it with your spouse, we promise you can feel more excitement and enjoyment. You two will get launched into the sky. Plus, lots of spectacles and Bali’s beautiful coastline are ready to pamper your eyes.

If you want to have good time in Bali, do not forget to opt for parasailing. Kombi Box Bali Tour offers affordable parasailing package. Contact us at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone for further informations. We can’t wait to see the smile on your face. Let’s come to Bali and experience parasailing!

4 Kegiatan Menarik Saat Liburan Bersama Keluarga di Bali


Bagi Anda yang ingin berlibur dengan orang-orang tersayang, membuat rencana liburan wajib hukumnya. Nah, pulau Bali tentunya dapat menjadi destinasi liburan  Anda dan keluarga. Di pulau ini banyak aktivitas yang ramah anak. Penasaran apa sajakah kegiatan tersebut? Ayo, baca artikel berikut ini sampai tuntas ya!

Arung Jeram

Anak-anak Anda sudah beranjak remaja? Arung jeram adalah olahraga air yang tepat untuk mereka. Meskipun cukup menantang, arung jeram aman lho. Sebab mereka akan ditemani oleh instruktur profesional. Salah satu lokasi arung jeram yang paling terkenal di Bali ialah Sungai Ayung di kawasan Ubud.

Mengunjungi Kebun Binatang Bali

Kebun binatang yang terletak di Gianyar ini merupakan rumah bagi binatang-binatang langka seperti orang utan, harimau Sumatera, rusa Timor dan lainnya. Kami jamin obyek wisata ini akan membuat anak-anak Anda senang. Mereka bisa berinteraksi dan melihat gerak-gerik binatang dari dekat.

Tur Sepeda

Ajak keluarga Anda menjelajahi keindahan alam Ubud dengan bersepeda selama 2 jam. Anak-anak Anda tidak hanya mengenal kehidupan masyarakat Bali, tetapi juga menikmati pemandangan terasering yang menawan. Bonus lainnya yaitu tubuh Anda dan keluarga tetap sehat dan bugar.

Bersenang-senang di Waterbom Bali

Tidak peduli Anda berlibur bersama anak kecil atau remaja, Waterbom Bali adalah tempat yang patut dikunjungi. Terdapat beragam atraksi dan permainan air mulai dari yang tenang hingga ekstrem. Selain itu, Anda dan keluarga dapat mencoba pijat refleksi dan terapi ikan. Anda juga tidak perlu khawatir karena cukup banyak kedai makanan di Waterbom Bali.

Bermain bersama keluarga di Waterbom Bali pastinya membuat liburan semakin ceria. Apabila Anda sudah mantap memilih Waterbom Bali, segera pesan tiket masuk Waterbom Bali di Kombi Box Bali Tour. Sebagai penyedia tur dan travel berpengalaman di Bali, kami akan memberikan Anda penawaran terbaik.

Jangan tunggu lama-lama! Hubungi kami di nomor 08123966865 melalui Whatsapp, SMS atau telepon untuk pemesanan tiket. Kami tunggu kedatangan Anda dan keluarga di Bali.

4 Hal Seru untuk Pasangan yang Berbulan Madu di Bali


Setiap tahunnya ada banyak pasangan yang menghabiskan bulan madunya di pulau dewata, Bali. Jika kamu dan orang tersayang ingin berlibur di sana, pastinya kamu harus menyusun rencana liburan. Nah, kalau kamu belum tahu apa saja yang bisa kamu lakukan bersama pasangan, yuk temukan jawabannya di sini.

Ikut Tur ke Pabrik Cokelat

Kalau kalian sedang di Bali, jangan sia-siakan kesempatan untuk mengunjungi Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory. Tempat ini merupakan surga bagi pencinta cokelat. Kalian akan diajak mengenal cokelat lebih dekat selama 1 jam. Tidak hanya itu, kalian juga dapat melihat proses pembuatan cokelat lho.

Makan Ditemani Pemandangan yang Indah

Apakah kalian suka mencicipi kuliner baru? Jika iya, kalian perlu menyambangi Warung Rekreasi Bedugul. Kalian bisa makan di restoran ini sambil melihat pemandangan gunung dan danau yang menakjubkan. Selain itu, terdapat kebun kopi dan taman anggrek. Untuk menunya sendiri, kami merekomendasikan ayam bakar dan ayam betutu.


Olahraga ini sepertinya terdengar menakutkan. Padahal, mencoba paralayang membuat kalian melihat panorama Bali bak burung di udara. Tentu saja ini merupakan pengalaman yang begitu berharga. Abadikan momen berharga kalian dengan mengambil foto sebanyak mungkin ya.

Bermain di Waterbom Bali

Ingin berbulan madu sekaligus bersenang-senang? Waterbom Bali adalah tempat yang tepat untuk kalian. Wahana ini memiliki papan seluncur, atraksi dan permainan air yang menarik serta menantang. Jangan lupa mencoba Fast n Fierce. Di samping itu, kalian juga bisa menyantap makanan di beberapa food court, melepas dahaga, terapi ikan atau pijat refleksi.

Bali benar-benar menjadi destinasi terbaik untuk kalian yang berbulan madu. Kalian bisa memesan tiket masuk Waterbom Bali dan paket paralayang yang terjangkau dari Kombi Box Bali Tour.

Hubungi Kombi Box Bali Tour di nomor 08123966865 melalui Whatsapp, SMS atau telepon. Ayo, apalagi yang kamu tunggu? Segera datang ke Bali dan nikmati liburan yang romantis bersama pasanganmu.

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